When Should My Baby Begin Crawling?

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When Should My Baby Begin Crawling?

Despite what your favourite TV show and other parents may sometimes tell you, there’s no magic formula. Each and every child grows and learns differently and at varying speeds. As such, each baby will reach developmental milestones at their own pace. Keeping that in mind, your child’s development may not fit nicely in highly generalized timelines, and that’s totally okay. And normal. 

Here is a general idea of what you should expect in your baby’s first year of life. 

Holding their Head Up 

It’s easy to see why babies struggle with this when you look at their head-to-body ratio. When they are about four months old, most babies will be able to hold up their own heads. However, some babies may have this action mastered a bit earlier.  

When watching for this developmental milestone, remember that this can be a very slow and gradual process. Many babies will begin lifting their heads as early as a few weeks. However, their neck muscles are still not strong enough to fully support their heads. 


Once your little one can move their huge head with a little bit more conviction, they’re all but ready to start sitting up on their own. Naturally, they’ll sit in laps and seats, both of which will help build this habit of sitting up. After a while, you’ll notice the special moment when you can put your baby on the floor, on their bottom, staying upright and not going into a clumsy head-dive to the ground. This development normally happens when they are around six months old. 

What you can do to help: 

Placing your baby in a sitting position will help them get used to working those essential muscles. If you don’t have the budget for specialty seats to help them out, you can prop them up with pillows, too.  



At around the nine-month mark, something terrifying but equally wonderful happens. Your sweet little bundle will become mobile, and it can happen as early as six months. If your baby is still shuffling around by the ninth month, don’t worry. Some babies don’t start really crawling until closer to a year, with some skipping this milestone completely and moving straight into standing and walking.  

Crawling is an important milestone as it provides important bilateral coordination and neurological development. This is a milestone to spend some time on if possible.  

It’s important to remember that these milestone timelines are just rough estimates designed to guide and help you learn what to expect from your growing baby. 


Always keep your child in sight, and be extra alert in the kitchen and bathrooms. The wellbeing of your baby is priority number one. If you need any more information about baby care, visit your nearest Marie Stopes centreandmake an appointment online 

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