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4 Reasons Why Adoption Is Important

Adoption is important, and there are a number of reasons as to why this statement holds true. They’re all about people and relationships. Adoption, as a process, is a delicate undertaking with so many lives – the child, their family, extended family, and community – and emotions on the line. In this article, we list those who are impacted by adoption and how the value of all parties is extremely important, with the child always being the top priority.

The Child

Adoption is very important to the children because it has the power to shape the entire rest of their lives. All adoption processes must focus on the child, making them the most important person involved. Children are dependent on adults for survival and have little to no say in the decisions that can potentially change their lives forever. It is therefore the responsibility and obligation of those involved to do their very best to put the child’s needs first when making decisions and plans for adoption.

UNICEF records show that there are over 15 million orphans waiting to be adopted worldwide. It’s devastating to think of children who are without homes and families, and although the processes can be daunting, adoption offers a way to help! Without a stable and loving family, many children may go on to suffer physical, mental, and developmental issues. Underdeveloped healthy attachments, struggles with social skills, and severe mental health problems are only a few of the possible outcomes for children without permanency.

Adoptive Parents

These are a key cornerstone in the process, being the adults assuming responsibility for a child’s life and well-being. Committing to accept a baby or child into their family, to love and care for them for a lifetime is a decision that doesn’t come easily!

There are many reasons people choose to start a family through adoption. The end result is an absolute honour and a gift. Some may have the desire to become parents without having a spouse, whilst others may have infertility issues or physical pregnancy concerns, and a growing number of same-sex couples may choose adoption as a path to parenthood.

Birth Mothers

Birth mothers are an important element to any adoption story and another very important reason for adoption. Approximately 46,3%, as of 2016, were unintended pregnancies. While a number of women may have the means and desire to become parents, an increasing number may feel alone and completely lack the relevant resources they need to raise a child. It’s usually at this point where the decision that they simply can’t provide the life they desire for their child for any number of reasons is made.

Whatever the factors leading to this decision, birth mothers are strong women who are willing to make the brave and oftentimes heart breaking choice to give place their baby with another family. We live in a more accepting world, and this is seen by an increasing number of birth mothers sharing their stories and experiences in an effort to further remove the stigma that may have once limited their options.

The Families

With today’s definition of family becoming much more inclusive, adoption is a very important way to grow a family. And whichever way we choose to define it, the family is the building blocks of society. Children get their first view of the world and their first tools for processing the things they find, through family! However a family is formed, it is likely to be a bond that lasts a lifetime. So, we should have options for how to grow our families!

Women who experience infertility issues are faced with very difficult choices in the event they want to grow a family. Infertility treatments and Invitro fertilization (IVF) can be invasive, extremely costly, and have low success rates. Adoption provides an avenue for many couples experiencing infertility to raise a child and grow the family they have dreamed about.

No child has a voice in the decision to be born. However, every child deserves to grow up in a loving and supportive home. Many women with unplanned pregnancies love their babies all the same and want the very best for them. If an expectant mother doesn’t believe she has the resources, support, or ability to parent her child, Pregnancy by Choice has some adoption options that can be a wonderful gift for their child. Request an appointment today.

Source: Marie Stopes South Africa (Safe Abortion and Post Abortion Family Planning)



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