5 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Become A Parent

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5 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Become A Parent

You’ve reached “that time” and the urge to have a baby becomes hard to resist. And while the addition of a baby to your family may make love stronger – with shorter days and even longer nights – becoming a parent may give you a happier home and a future worth living for, it isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.

There are plenty of considerations to take into account before you start shopping for a crib. Here are 7 ways to know that you’re ready to become a parent.

You’re Doing It for the Right Reasons

This is arguably the most important reason. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. You should have a baby if it’s the right time and the right choice for you. And although there’s nothing wrong with syncing calendars and getting pregnant at the same time as your friends, you shouldn’t try to have a baby just because your friends are becoming parents.

You’re Responsible and Take Care of Yourself

Having a child is the biggest responsibility you’ll ever have. You’ll be responsible for their physical and mental health, emotional well-being, education, and Everything in between. That means ensuring they have enough to eat as well as booking much needed doctor appointments when they’re not feeling well and cleaning up after their “PhD level” mess making. If you have serious trouble managing your own schedule welfare, then you might not be ready to take care of someone else’s.

You’re Emotionally Prepared

Parenthood is a long road of highs and lows. One moment, your little ball of sunshine could be cuddling with you, and the next moment they’re having a nightmarish major meltdown. And we haven’t even begun to talk about the highly unstable and emotional teen years. Parents have to advocate for their children and be strong when their young ones face unfair situations. Before you have a baby, make sure that you’re emotionally prepared for everything that comes along with that territory.

Physically Ready

If the plan is to carry the baby yourself, then great consideration and thought must be put into whether or not your body is ready to do so. The forty weeks of pregnancy can put you through the most severe backaches and uncontrollable bladder movements to more serious issues. But wait, there’s more! You get to go through hours of labour, requiring more endurance than a marathon. But that’s not when it ends! After you deliver a baby, your body needs to heal and you might have to recover from an episiotomy, while at the same time you might be trying to produce milk to breastfeed. Check in with your doctor to make sure you’re in tip-top shape before you get pregnant.

Financial Stability

Putting it mildly, having a baby can be quite costly. There’s a long list of items you’ll need long before and when your little one arrives. And as your child grows older, you routinely have to replace their clothes, feed their growing appetites and pay for their education as well as recreational activities. That’s why you’ll want to be sure you’re financially stable before you have a baby.

Even with careful planning, you can’t always control when conception happens. Until you make a decision about when to have another child, use a reliable method of birth control. Contact us today to get advice on contraceptive methods to suit your lifestyle. Find your nearest Marie Stopes centre now or book an appointment online – it’s quick, easy and totally confidential.

Source: Marie Stopes South Africa (Safe Abortion and Post Abortion Family Planning)



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