5 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different

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5 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different

So you’ve decided to have another baby or you’re currently pregnant with baby number two. Congrats! You’ve been there, experienced all the hormonal shifts and stresses that come with being pregnant. You have a lived idea of exactly what will happen to your body between now and the moment when you introduce your newborn to the world right?

But wait. Not so fast. The truth is, there are a few ways in which your second pregnancy may differ physiologically from the first. Read on and avoid any unwanted surprises.

You may feel pregnant sooner  

A number of second time moms are more likely to notice the early symptoms of pregnancy . That being said, the symptoms might present themselves differently from the last time. You might have more or less morning sickness or other tummy troubles, or more or less urinary frequency. This can be considered good news as some symptoms might seem less pronounced, which may ultimately leave you feeling a bit less worried and more relaxed, since you’ve already been there before.

You might show sooner

Your abdominal and uterine muscles stretch during your first pregnancy, leaving them inevitably looser this time around. Your belly is bound to start showing earlier than the first time. Don’t panic. It’s simply due to the abdominal and uterine muscles not holding things in quite as firmly.

You might carry lower

Similar to the above, this will be as a result of your uterine muscles not being as firm as they once were. It’s also highly likely that baby number two (or three or four) are going to be larger than your firstborn. This will also increase the severity of your back pain and other pregnancy aches.

Your labour might be shorter

And here’s some good news! When it comes to how long you might have to spend in the delivery room, your second visit to the delivery room might be significantly shorter. The second phase of labour for a first-time mom can last up to two or three hours or longer, whilst the second-timers may spend half that much time.

Also, pushing out the baby this time around tends to be quicker. This is mainly due to your cervix being less rigid now, and because the cervix and vaginal tissue are more pliant, they yield to the pressure of the baby’s head more easily.

Breastfeeding might get easier

Of course this is partly due to the fact that you have a better idea of what to do now because you’ve done it before. According to one study, your body is physically primed to lactate at this point with changes in your mammary glands making them ready to deliver milk quicker the second time around.

Even though you’ve been there before, your second pregnancy might bring a few surprises in comparison with your first. Contact Pregnancy By Choice today and setup an appointment to get the best in antenatal care.

Source: Marie Stopes South Africa (Safe Abortion and Post Abortion Family Planning)



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