Am I Ovulating? Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Am I Ovulating? Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

A lot of women have an unplanned pregnancy due to misunderstanding or misinformation about when they’re ovulating during their menstrual cycle. In this article, we explain your menstrual cycle so that you’ll know when you’re ovulating.

What is menstruation?

Menstruation is the medical term for getting your period. Women who have already gone through puberty will experience bleeding out of their vagina every month. Why does this happen? The reason for this occurs because the lining of the uterus has become thicker, which means that it has prepared itself for the possibility of pregnancy.

Should you not fall pregnant, your body sheds the lining of the uterus; bleeding will take place at the same time, which usually lasts three to eight days. The time length between menstruation cycles generally ranges from 21 to 35 days.

Overview of a menstrual cycle

Days 1 to 5

The day that bleeding begins is the first day of a period. It’s important to know that your period can last between 3 – 8 days; however, the average duration is five days. The bleeding will be at its heaviest on the first and second day.

Days 6 to 14

The ending of bleeding indicates that the uterine lining is preparing itself for the possibility of pregnancy. The uterine lining becomes thicker and is filled with blood vessels that are rich in nutrients.

Days 14 to 25

Around the 14th day, an unfertilised egg is released from an ovary and moves through to the fallopian tubes to the uterus. If there is sperm present in the fallopian tube at this time, fertilisation of the egg may occur. The fertilised egg travels to the uterus and attempts to implant itself into the uterine wall.

Days: 25 to 28

If the egg isn’t fertilised or failed to implant itself to the uterine wall, a hormonal change takes place telling the uterus to prepare itself to shed the lining.

After this has happened, your menstruation cycle will begin again.


Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Title of The Calculator :

Last Menstrual Period :

Probable date of conception :

( about two weeks after last menstrual period )

Foetal Age Today :

Weeks Days

Best date range for NT scan :

( 12 wks 3 days to 13 wks 3 days )

19 Weeks / Morphology Scan Date :

Estimated Due Date (40 Weeks) :

On , you will be weeks days pregnant.

Previous Ultrasound Date and Foetal Age On That Day :

Weeks Days

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