How will I know if my Mirena coil has stopped working?

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How will I know if my Mirena coil has stopped working?

An IUD or Mirena coil is a commonly used long-acting, form of contraception which is inserted into the womb, and it acts to prevent pregnancy by increasing the thickness of mucus produced by the cervix, which makes it harder for sperm to fertilise the egg. It may also be used to prevent heavy periods.

The Mirena is a small, plastic T-shaped device which works by slowly releasing the a natural progesterone, levonorgestrel into the womb.

When you use a long term contraception, you may occasionally have some worrying concerns that it might have stopped working. This article takes a look at the signs that your Mirena coil has stopped working.

Your Strings Are Longer Or Shorter Than Before

Every IUD has a string attached to the end of it, which makes it easy for the doctor to remove it when you’re ready to get it taken out. These strings come out of your uterus, through your cervix, and hang down into the very top of the vagina. Your doctor will advise you to occasionally reach up and feel them.

This is an important exercise as it gives you insight as to whether your IUD is still where it’s supposed to be.

If you notice that your strings are longer than they were, it might be a sign that your IUD might have slipped from where it was placed.

You Can’t Feel Your Strings At All

In the event that you can’t feel or find your strings at all, this could mean your IUD has moved further up into your uterus, strings and all. At this point, it’s advisable that If you can’t feel your strings, go visit your gynaecologist and get checked you out.

You Can Feel The IUD In Your Cervix

Your Mirena coil is supposed to be placed inside your uterus. In that position, you mustn’t be able to feel it. If you feel the bottom of the IUD in your cervix or notice that it’s coming out of your cervix, then it’s too low. 

When this starts to happen, you can feel an uncomfortable sensation from your cervix because there’s a piece of plastic coming out of it that shouldn’t be there. As you go for your string check, feeling an IUD in your cervix is a bad sign.

Your Partner Can Feel Something Up There

At times, you might not have noticed that your IUD has shifted. During sex, your partner might feel the bottom of it, protruding from your cervix. If your partner notices something hard coming out of your cervix, go check it out at the doctor.

You’re Dealing With Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is your body’s natural mechanism for cleaning your vagina. However, abnormal discharge can also be a sign that your IUD has slipped and is irritating your body. If you notice that your discharge is off in colour, texture, or smell and it’s not a yeast infection or one of the other reasons your discharge can get messed up, contact your doctor to see if your IUD might be the culprit.

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