Keep the Romance Alive When Trying to Get Pregnant

Keep the Romance Alive When Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying for a baby can be very exhausting. Although you may be physically closer to your partner than ever, the pressure on both of you to perform can have a negative impact on your emotional connection. Due to the need of a tangible result (a baby) chances are that you’ll hit that sex-on-demand routine that many potential parents-to-be find themselves in.

This is when sex becomes a chore rather than an act which leads to a happy ending.

Stress-free lovemaking is critical. It’s science! Seriously, too much anxiety can actually impede your efforts to conceive. Read on and find how to nurture your romantic side as you work to expand your family.

Take a mini vacation

Get out of that routine and switch it up by changing the location. It doesn’t have to be an exotic island getaway – when you can, sneak off to a hotel for the night. Including relaxing activities such as a good spa treatment or give each other sensual massages that will help you de-stress and get in the mood. If you can’t get away, there’s the COVID 19 issue after all, change the scenery. Take your lovemaking out of the bedroom – try the living room or the kitchen.

Set the scene

Tie to go shopping! Go out and get yourself a sexy little nightie, light up some scented candles, select your best get-in-the-mood music and revel in your ingenuity.  Turn things a bit more playful by indulging in a game of strip poker. When the lovemaking is over, spend some time cuddling and may increase your chances of falling pregnant — it gives the sperm time to get through your cervix!

Spice it up

Surprise him – and yourself of course – by doing something spontaneous and out of the ordinary. What do we mean? Invest in some sex toys or try a new position. Although you may have heard fertility myths that the missionary position doggy are best for making babies, any sex position will do for conception — so try them all! Steer clear of lubricants and oral sex when trying to get pregnant, though — saliva and lubricants can damage sperm.

Learn to Laugh

loosening up a little is not only good for your relationship, but it’s also one of the best ways to relax – I mean of course baby making is serious business. But this may greatly help with your conception odds, by helping you relax. Watch that silly comedy, or catch up on reruns of old stand-up comedy sessions. Look for the humour in trying to conceive wherever you can.

The physical is only part of it. Stay connected emotionally by sharing your feelings about sex, conception and your future life as parents. This will take both your romance and your relationship a long way.

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