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An accredited counsellor or social worker will provide you with the support and knowledge about the requirements of being a parent on an emotional and physical level. There is a lot of information that you need to know about your baby’s development and the changes that your body will go through. If you are ever unsure, speak to a professional – they’re available especially for you.


Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Title of The Calculator :

Last Menstrual Period :

Probable date of conception :

( about two weeks after last menstrual period )

Foetal Age Today :

Weeks Days

Best date range for NT scan :

( 12 wks 3 days to 13 wks 3 days )

19 Weeks / Morphology Scan Date :

Estimated Due Date (40 Weeks) :

On , you will be weeks days pregnant.

Previous Ultrasound Date and Foetal Age On That Day :

Weeks Days

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