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Your Body During Pregnancy

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Your Body

Your body is going to change as the baby develops. It’s vital that you do everything you can to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy e.g. keeping fit, getting the proper nutrition and not doing anything that could harm the baby e.g. smoking and drinking alcohol.

Make sure that you keep your doctor appointments, have the necessary scans and tests to safeguard your health and the baby’s wellbeing. There are certain discomforts that you are more than likely to experience during pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, bladder and bowel problems and headaches. Make sure you discuss the common discomforts with your doctor so that you aren’t alarmed if they happen. If you experience any other abnormal symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Title of The Calculator :

Last Menstrual Period :

Probable date of conception :

( about two weeks after last menstrual period )

Foetal Age Today :

Weeks Days

Best date range for NT scan :

( 12 wks 3 days to 13 wks 3 days )

19 Weeks / Morphology Scan Date :

Estimated Due Date (40 Weeks) :

On , you will be weeks days pregnant.

Previous Ultrasound Date and Foetal Age On That Day :

Weeks Days

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