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Counselling for the continuation of pregnancy

Parenting or adoption? What you need to know

Considering the continuation of pregnancy and becoming a parent, or giving the baby up for adoption? It’s important to talk to a professional counsellor/social worker who can advise about what you can expect during your pregnancy. It’s essential that you are fully aware of the provisions required for a baby.

Do you have the finances, stable home and family support, especially if you’re going to be a single parent? All of these factors need to be taken into consideration before you decide to make a lifelong commitment.

It is important that continuation of pregnancy you receive counselling from an accredited adoption agency or adoption social worker. The social worker will help you to look at all your options realistically before coming to a decision. It’s not a simple process; you need to have comprehensive knowledge about fundamentals of adoption such as how to put a baby up for adoption, the different types of adoption and the criteria for adoptive parents.


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