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What You Need to Know About Home Pregnancy Tests

Has your menstrual cycle become irregular? There is a possibility that you’re pregnant? A home pregnancy test will help determine whether or not you’re pregnant. The majority of tests are 99% effective. If you’ve never used a home pregnancy test, don’t worry. We’ll explain all of the necessary steps in this article.

How a home pregnancy test works

A home pregnancy test recognises the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) – known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’ in your urine. Home pregnancy tests are available at reputable pharmacies.

When to take a home pregnancy test

It’s suggested that you wait one day after your missed period before you take the test; however, waiting a week will give you the most accurate result – the reason being that hCG levels rise rapidly if you’re pregnant.

It’s best to do the test first thing in the morning – your urine is most concentrated, and hCG levels are highest at this time. Home pregnancy test kits must be stored in the refrigerator before using. Avoid any form of liquid intake before testing for pregnancy.

How to take a home pregnancy test

Once you’ve bought the kit, follow these steps to make sure that you get an accurate result.

Step 1: Sit down on the toilet and urinate either on the stick or in the cup provided (the method will depend on the brand of test you’ve purchased.) For the best result, collect a sample during midstream of urination.

Step 2: If you’ve used the plastic cup method, use the dropper (supplied) and drop a small amount of urine on the designated area. Some brands may require you to place the absorbent area into the collected urine; hold it in for the amount of time as per the instructions.

Step 3: It usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes before the result will appear; check this on the instructions.

Step 4: the test will display your results in one of the following ways after the recommended waiting time has passed:

  • A line
  • A change in colour
  • The words “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”
  • A symbol, such as plus or minus

Make an appointment with your doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed if the result is positive.

Please note that false negatives are fairly common due to several factors: you may have timed your ovulation period incorrectly or took the test too soon. If you haven’t started your period in seven days (a week), take another test.


Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Title of The Calculator :

Last Menstrual Period :

Probable date of conception :

( about two weeks after last menstrual period )

Foetal Age Today :

Weeks Days

Best date range for NT scan :

( 12 wks 3 days to 13 wks 3 days )

19 Weeks / Morphology Scan Date :

Estimated Due Date (40 Weeks) :

On , you will be weeks days pregnant.

Previous Ultrasound Date and Foetal Age On That Day :

Weeks Days

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