Where to store your condoms & keep them discreet

This article was originally published in 2019 and has since been updated.

You’re sexually active and practice safe sex. It’s good to always have condoms for that moment when you need them the most. Wallets and purses are common places people tend to keep their condoms, but you also need to know where to keep condoms so they won’t wear out sooner than you expected.

It’s important to ensure your condoms are in good shape to protect you against unwanted STIs or unwanted pregnancy, and storage plays a huge role. Before you use any condom, be sure to also check its expiration date, as expired condoms can become dry or brittle, causing them to break during use.

Where to store your condoms: 6 best places

  • An empty tin is an ideal spot where you can keep your condoms. The tin will help preserve their condition and is a discreet way to hide your condoms in plain sight.
  • A small coin purse is great for stashing condoms on-the-go. You should avoid keeping them in your everyday wallet as frequent use can cause the condom to wear down with time.
  • If you don’t want someone accidentally stumbling across your condom, store them in a sock in your sock drawer.
  • Your nightstand will make them easily accessible. If you’re worried about your nosy roommate, then stash them in a piece of clothing as a disguise.
  • Use the side compartment of your backpack. But be sure to keep them away from sharp objects as well as heavy contents of your backpack.
  • If you have a jewellery box with multiple compartments, dedicate one section for your stash.

 Worst places to hide your condoms

  • Never keep condoms in your wallet unless you’re bringing only one and plan to use it for that occasion. Between sitting down and body heat, the condom can be worn down. Be sure to check the condom before use.
  • The glove compartment is a danger zone. It may seem like a great spot since you can lock your car and keep your condoms handy while you’re out, but the heat from the car can make them ineffective.
  • It’s important to keep your condoms in a cool, dry area. The change in temperature can negatively affect how long the condoms can last.

Make sure you always carry condoms, don’t ever assume it’s your ‘partner’s job’. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself.

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Source: Marie Stopes South Africa (Safe Abortion and Post Abortion Family Planning)

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