Why women deal with breakups differently to men

Why women deal with breakups differently to men

A breakup is never easy, no matter how it goes down. The most common depiction of women after a breakup is one of extreme heartbreak, struggling to deal with the aftermath of a shattered relationship and can barely get out of bed, with the exception of raiding all the cabinets to eat all the junk food in sight. We can attribute this to the often times unrealistic Hollywood female. While we can probably relate to some of those stereotypical characteristics – albeit to a lesser extent – women are actually a lot better at handling breakups in the long run than men are.

Men could probably learn a thing or two from women about how to process a breakup in the best way possible.

Hiding Feelings

As part of the old-world view and an old-fashioned narrative, women are generally more accepted as highly emotional beings and are expected to let it show. Men are conditioned and expected to be the silent, strong types who pretend they’re not affected much by a breakup. A bad breakup can be just as hard on any guy as it is on a girl, with the difference being that women don’t let those feelings sit and simmer. Women actually get them out in the open and deal with them.

Opening up to friends

For many men out there, the cure for a broken heart is to link up with the boys and down a bunch of beer, visit the dingiest of strip clubs to spend money, and shut up about the breakup like it was inconsequential. Women open up to their friends and make an effort to actually talk through their feelings and, in the process, let themselves appear vulnerable without the fear of being judged.

Prioritizing emotional well-being

We all know that being emotionally stable is an important part of our overall health. Women aren’t going to let suppressed feelings evolve into something more serious and ultimately damaging to our mental and emotional health. Many men would rather sweep their feelings under the rug and act like they never had them or that they don’t exist in the same universe as them, which can greatly affect their day to day life.

Women are more serious than men

When a guy decides to take be in a serious relationship with a woman, he usually means business – being in it for the long haul. Incidentally, when it doesn’t work out, it can be a bigger blow than for a woman who has had plenty of relationships and knows there’ll be more in her future.

Women aren’t self-destructive in nature

After a breakup, it’s more likely for men to turn to unhealthy vices such as alcohol and drugs, as compared to women. This is mainly because they need a little help burying their feelings instead of talking about them. Women, on the other hand, turn their attention to looking better than ever, just in case they have the chance to show their ex what he’s missing.

Over reliance on your partner

Women are good at the little things. One can say they micro-manage better. Whilst men are good at letting women take care of the little things. A man who is set in a routine where he would rely on his partner for the everyday things is going to have a hard time going back to doing things for himself, while a woman already did a lot of it anyway, so she’ll be just fine.

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